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logo-white info perspective thumbInterested in a Golf Cart, but on a budget? WCCP has a large inventory of Pre-Owned stock gas and electric EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha carts. Save by buying a stock cart and adding accessories on your budget. Wagner's stocks a full line of cart parts, wheels, tires, options and accessories to trick your cart your way. Click the images below for our current pre-owned cart inventory >>>

Click here for a list and pricing of our Pre-Owned EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha Golf Carts.

BlackOps  OrangeRXV  EZGO-RXV-WHITE-stock  EZGO-TXT-WHITE  PlumCrazy-RXV  Stretched09CC3 



StarEV Logo Wagner Custom Carts is proud to announce that we are now a franchised dealer for Star EV, a Street Legal Low Speed  Vehicle (LSV). Star Street Legal Low Speed Vehicles have a top speed of 25mph, are fully street legal, have a title with a 13 digit VIN and can be registered with your local BMV. Once registered, your Star Vehicle can be driven by a licensed driver on any road that has a speed limit of 35mph or less. In some cases, a city ordinance is required, other wise, just the registration and a displayed license tag is all you need. Click images below for more info >>>

SS Red Limited 2 web  4L web  48L-4SF OffRoad web  Star-2048-6L web  bn48 web  Bubble Car web 



acg-logo-webWagner's is also your South Central, Southern Ohio and Northeastern Kentucky dealer for American Custom Cars (ACG). ACG Cars are quite unique with body styles ranging for the Cadillac Escalade, H3 Hummer, California Roadster and the 39 Roadster. These cars, not golf carts, are Street Legal with a top speed of 25mph. If you want to ride around town, run errands or just cruise the neighborhood in style... you have to check out our stock of American Custom Cars. Click images below for more info >>>

escalade  39Roadster  hummer  ca roadster  hummerlimo320